1 JANUARY 2022

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Tell us about you, your business, and what you do.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. I wear so many hats running two businesses.

One is SHFT World, a culture conscious brand, focused on empowering communities of color to SHFT from dreamers into doers.

Through meticulously curated content, events and apparel, SHFT’s sole mission is to serve as a resource for those whose voices typically stay in the shadows.

I also have Delilah & Company, which through my events and marketing background, I have a variety of clients whom I help produce both virtual and in-person events for.

I don’t take lightly at all that I’m in a place in my life where I get to work with people I love and we get to create magic to empower and impact people on different levels.

If you’re genuinely and wholeheartedly passionate about what you do, just keep pushing forward, always. Roadblocks will happen, curveballs will be thrown but just keep pushing forward.


If you could use one word to describe your entrepreneur journey what would it be and why?

RIDICULOUS. In the most negative yet positive way at the same time. It’s ridiculous some of the hardships I’ve faced but also ridiculous the amount of blessings I’ve received.

Who’s the one person that supported your dreams when you first started?

I don’t care how cheesy this sounds but definitely my mom haha. Even though at the beginning she didn’t really understand what exactly it was that I was doing. She was just proud that I was on the road to becoming my own “boss” and proud that I was making sure I was gearing my work to impact my community.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

My business is going to be one of the top media and events agency recognized amongst top tier brands to work with who want to be involved in genuine social impact.

How do you define success?

Before I used to think of success as being affiliated with monetary gain. Grant it that’s great and all but my new definition of success now is attributed to my peace of mind. Peace of mind is the real bag, you know? I’ve come across a lot of very “successful” people who may appear successful on the outside but are battling inner demons on a daily. Let me make my money but also, let me keep my mental health in order. As long as I’m in a good place mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I’m successful.

As an entrepreneur, what does VX mean to you?

It’s exciting to see other women, especially from the same area I grew up in taking a chance in believing in themselves. VX means faith and opportunity to me.

Where can our readers find you?

You can find me living out crazy adventures or crying on the gram at @iamdelilahdee


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